Tuesday, March 16, 2004
The Alcohol Begins to Take its Toll
After browsing this poll of the top reporters and bloggers on the web I was thoroughly outraged by the fact that Dana Priest ranked in at a miserly #94... before I realized it was Dana Milbank I was concerned about, who had wedged his way into the #9 slot (and, previously, into my heart by being the best reporter in town). That the Hitch made the list at all (#162) is cause for concern. Ana Maria Cox is a goddamned superstar—Wonkette debuted at #32—yet in my two minute gloss of the list I saw no mention of Choire Sicha & co. What with gossip not being the stuff that wonky links are made of, and what with the fact that I'm probably still legally drunk after last night and Gawker's probably is on there and I just can't read, you know, either way, take the poll with a grain of salt.

And me. And anyone who tells you they know shit about Spanish politics. Which would be... oh, everyone on this list.

Unless he's my half-Basque pub-quiz teammate.