Saturday, February 21, 2004
Perrywinkle Blues
For what it's worth, I'm up on all the rumors brewing about TX Governor Rick Perry—involving a possible divorce and some hardcore closeting. I thought hard about blogging this last week but decided in light of the Kerry kerfuffle to take the moral high ground (while, you know, hyper-emailing everyone I know in TX politics). If you haven't already read about this jazz on any number of sites, I received this link in an email and it'll get you up to speed.

So, any substance to the Schadenfreude? Texas is a state of tall tales, and the spins on this scandal are multiplying quicker than Queer Eye knock-offs and getting more fabulous by the minute. Caveat caveat caveat, but Texas gov't people tell me that the Republican Party clearly ought to have checked the ranks before going with the gay wedge for '04. But even a confirmed divorce would not an outed queer make, and what's more ridiculous than believing my take or anyone else's for that matter is believing that there's a force on Earth that can out the Republican governor of Texas during a former Texas governor's presidential reelection campaign while gay marriage is the single domineering cultural issue on the national agenda. If this breaks, I'll eat my hat, but might as well put this one to bed!

...with another man, of course.