Thursday, November 20, 2003
Aloha, DC
Busy day—there were a few noteworthy news items I felt like mentioning, but occasionally work interferes with my blogging schedule. (Lots of work, lately: I put in 40+ hours just between Monday and Wednesday.) Won't be getting to any articles this weekend either, because I'm heading to Boston tomorrow morning to see if this liver of mine can still give it the ol' college try. The friend whom I'm visiting swears that Boston is chock-full of historical points of interest, and that sounds good to me, so long as by historical points of interest he means cheap beer.

Anyway, feel free to say witty things that will amuse me greatly upon my return. I'd think up a good open-topic point of discussion, but there's an open-tab happy hour starting upstairs in three minutes, so... uh, what do you want for X-mas?

I'm waiting for this fabled economic up-swing to set in before I buy anyone presents.