Friday, October 03, 2003
Welcome to the Jong-il
Howard Kurtz calls Washington a place "where every battle is a proxy for something larger." I like that. No doubt it applies to our terrible rush-hour traffic at the very least, a fray that I'll yet again join momentarily.

Kurtz also notes that it's been pretty hellish trying to keep up with ScandalMania 2003. Rush (football), Ah-nold, Bush, Rush (drugs), Novak, Hillary—oh, wait, the Clintons didn't do anything this week and were still mentioned in all the conservative journals. Anyhow. Scandal-mongering is pretty exhaustive, so if you need a break from the monotonous stream of exciting gossip, numb your mind with a few entries from Kim Jong-il's online diary. You don't have to wait for the Justice Department to get your instant messenger transcripts.

The real fight in DC is between me an El Salvadorians. They can't make breakfast tacos to save their lives. Seriously, they aren't even Mexican.