Friday, August 15, 2003
A Sacrifice for Democracy
Kevin Drum has the goods on the Iowa State Fair, with pictures of John Kerry eating a corn-dog and Howard Dean running some serious pork chops on the grill. (And Dennis Kucinich... standing on some hay.) Trust me, folks, there ain't nothing happening in the news today.

However, G.p is proposing its second challenge to the readership at large. (If you've forgotten or missed it, the first was a book club challenge. So far, me, PG, and hundreds of untold others are reading Wesley Clark's book, Waging Modern War, so we can get to know The General a little better before he announces his candidacy.)

The new challenge: I will eat corn dogs and pork chops for the Democratic cause! Just bring them by my office.

If the second challenge goes unmet, this post will just serve as a reminder for the first. Leave a comment if you're interested in a collaborative reading.