Friday, August 08, 2003
I Don't Think So, Tim
More Al... Al Gore, that is. Tapped (a blog ran by The American Prospect) links to a full transcript, and the full speech he delivered yesterday is intentse. Tapped also has kind words for Al, calling him "[n]uanced, sensitive, articulate and sharp as a tack" and wondering "why couldn't he have been like this when he was running for President?" My argument is that he was absolutely all those things (fine, minus some troublesome public speaking blotches) during the campaing, but no one saw that. The real trouble arose after he began a sustained effort to respond to the media criticism, i.e. change his personality, which then became the only point on which Gore received coverage. The media criticism began before his campaign did, back when he was doing his best to emerge from the Shadow of Clinton. Meanwhile, George W. Bush escaped the presidential contest with less investigation than he received during the primary against John McCain.

Gore was always prepared to be an outstanding political voice. But he was never ready for the glare of the camera.

And any hint of his wife's and his sexuality should never have seen the light of the day. That was the day the music died.