Friday, June 13, 2003
Radiohead Free Europe

I'm not overly impressed with Hail to the Thief but I also cannot remove it from my player. Full disclosure: I've been listening to the unmastered songs for months, and that may have something to do with my less-than-dazzled impression, and from now on I'll wait like everyone else. Regardless, Kid A gave me an orgasm from beat one (which I also previewed months in advance, but despite the inclusion of one Sigur Ros song, it was the real album). HttT isn't going to bring me to my knees. Absolutely, it's very nice, but for Radiohead the relative standard's the one that counts.

I'm heading to Dallas right after work tomorrow to visit Dad, and not-quite-incidentally meet up with my Sue. There's always plenty of time at the folks' house--too much time, often--so I'm hoping to catch up on some news and new books. Maybe some of that will translate into a post or two from the Big D. At the least, I've been meaning to write about all the Matthew Barney excitement, but I'm trying to whiddle the post down in my head. In the meantime, why not catch up on some Sue and Not U? You won't consider the recommendation biased if you spend even a minute or two browsing through her archives. Cheers!

Postscript: You can really kick off your weekend right by renting Secretary immediately! I don't come away from many movies with as good a feeling as I did from this one. Cool like a Wes Anderson flick, but not so purposefully hip. Quite erotic, too: Exploring sadism/masochism to find the most charming side of sex, and all of it works. Hey, it's Father's Day weekend--rent it and watch it with Pops!