Friday, May 02, 2003
Friday Five (Factorial!) at 4:00

On Fridays I like to get a little casual. Take off the tie, the jacket, put on my slippers and kick it live-journal style. Anyway, these come from Trivial Pursuits. These are kind of lame questions but I'll play along.

1 Name one song you hate to admit you like. Easy: "Can't Get You Out of My Head," by Kylie Monogue. I love that song. I don't know what I'd do if people found that out about me.

2 Name two songs that always make you cry. That Anne Murray song, "Even though / we ain't got money...", whatever it's called. And Wesley Willis's "I Murdered Your Family."

3 Name three songs that turn you on. D'angelo's "How Does It Feel," D'angelo's "How Does It Feel," and D'angelo's "How Does It Feel." That song's the hotness.

4 Name four songs that always make you feel good. Hmm... tough, but I've got four: The Velvet Underground's "Beginning to See the Light," The Roches' "Hammond Song," The Rentals' "Waiting," and Busta Rhyme's "Pass the Courvoisier." (I really wanted to say Alabama's "High Cotton," Alabama's "Soung of the South," Alabama's "Dixieland Delight," and Alabama's "Born Country," but I already used that joke. Though it's still true.)

5 Name five songs you couldn't ever do without. I don't really know how to evaluate this, I mean if I had to give up everything but these five songs, I'd probably choose all jazz. That's not as fun, though, so I'm just going to name five more pop songs that make me feel good. The Promise Ring's "Nothing Feels Good," Warren Zevon's "Carmelita," 2pac's "Only God Can Judge Me Now," Smashing Pumpkins, "Cherub Rock," The Dismemberment Plan's "Sentimental Man." BOOM