Friday, April 25, 2003
A little while ago Lilly was telling me that she and a friend wanted to write a Sex in the City-style column for The Daily Texan. (That's the student newspaper for the University of Texas, on the rare occasion that someone not living in Austin is reading.) Though it sounds fun and would have been widely read, the powers that be at the Deadly Toxin wouldn't have it.

Mattie says that this summer he wants to get picked up as a columnist. Judging from the current columns that Mattie occasionally alerts me to, the paper would surely benefit from his writing.

My question - is the Texan that great? I could use some insight from the journalism students out there (Lilly, Lauren, guests?). In my opinion it's a good-looking paper, and it's funded--but the campus news was never exciting enough to read, all the world stories were from AP, and the opinion pages were awful. The 'toons were good--I'm thinking of one in particular, what was it, 1980Robot or something inventive and clever like that?

Just so this isn't totally a throw-away post for any non-UT readers, I'll give you an example of some better student journalism. Via Matthew Yglesias and his school's paper, the Harvard gossip column and an editorial/investigation on cross-dressing. Neither is especially interesting or well-written, but both are innovative from in comparison to the UT rag.