Saturday, April 12, 2003
The story about the military's glib decision to put the Iraqi most wanted on a deck of 55 cards reminded me of another set related to the other gulf war:

My mom has the entire set of Desert Storm trading cards. At the time my uncle was fighting over there, and I remember that my mom was pretty intense about it - my Uncle was in an Apache, so I understand better why. She's a big collecting nut so it doesn't surprise me at all that she's still got 'em, carefully protected in binders.

I was a young during the first gulf war, too young to be very politically aware, but I can still remember the yellow ribbons, that damned Lee Greenwood song. Still, when I think of these insane war cards, I don't really see propoganda. Certainly I was in the demographic then that this kind of stuff was aimed at, but even looking at them now they seem neutral, almost objective, possessed of the general naiveté that partially explains why we're there again.

No holograms, but they came with bubble-gum. They only sometimes came with stickers.